Trends in the Costa Rican Real Estate Market for 2024

It is anticipated that Costa Rica would have a significant space requirement by 2024, for both industrial and logistical purposes.1) Industrial sector: Grecia is the most dynamic region, with 12 of the 56 new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects launched in the nation in 2023 being situated outside the Great Metropolitan Area (GAM).More than 21,300 new employment were created by IED as of October...

Is It Advisable to Invest in Tourism in Costa Rica Without Conducting a Feasibility Study?

The vast majority of independent hotel owners in Costa Rica would sell or have their hotels for sale;there are very clear reasons for this and on the other hand the characteristics of the typology of theCosta Rican hotel offer, are two topics that we would also like to address, but we deviate from the topiof hotel viability that we deal with in this article. It is estimated that, in general terms, five...

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