Permaculture taught us to cultivate the soil with greater care. Can we apply similar practices to cultivating the sea?

Due to overfishing and increasing global demand for 'blue foods', such as wild fish and marine creatures, ocean farming is expanding quickly. Fish, kelp, prawns, oysters, and other species are currently extensively cultivated. Currently, farmed seafood consumption surpasses that of wild-caught fish globally. Farms are emerging on coastlines and in offshore areas globally. Australians are likely...

The future belongs to permaculture.

So, you've heard the term "permaculture" thrown around, but either didn't feel comfortable asking what it is, or dismissed it as too abstract a notion to implement in your everyday life. Farming with a focus on sustainability, self-sufficiency, environmental friendliness, and ethics. As its name implies, permaculture is an all-encompassing lifestyle that promotes ecological sustainability by...

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