Trends in the Costa Rican Real Estate Market for 2024

It is anticipated that Costa Rica would have a significant space requirement by 2024, for both industrial and logistical purposes.1) Industrial sector: Grecia is the most dynamic region, with 12 of the 56 new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects launched in the nation in 2023 being situated outside the Great Metropolitan Area (GAM).More than 21,300 new employment were created by IED as of October...

The future belongs to permaculture.

So, you've heard the term "permaculture" thrown around, but either didn't feel comfortable asking what it is, or dismissed it as too abstract a notion to implement in your everyday life. Farming with a focus on sustainability, self-sufficiency, environmental friendliness, and ethics. As its name implies, permaculture is an all-encompassing lifestyle that promotes ecological sustainability by...

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