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Especially in times like these - of unexpected changes - we all rethink our way of living. We realize that being self sufficient is now more important than ever. Costa Rica offers great green living options for every budget.


Off Grid Living Experts

Of the Grid Living Experts, we will help you to initiate off-the-grid living experiences, and to live self-sufficient on permaculture principles.


Guidance to zero waste living in Costa Rica

Ecorealtors help you to “Zero waste life style principles" to embrace minimalism and to reject the ubiquitous disposable items that are everywhere in our society and to encourage to people to come up with alternative reusable solutions to everyday life.


Sustainable solutions for Expats in Costa Rica

We mind the holistic vision of Sustainable and Permaculture solutions that includes eco-minded real estate, eco-village design, green building, soil regenerations, Regenerative agroforestry, alternative energy, organic farming, landscaping, and healthy eating and living.

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With a quarter of its land covered in national parks and wildlife refuges, Costa Rica is a dream for the nature lover and adventure buff. Great real estate deals to be discovered and own your half an acre lot with your food needs and permaculture dream.

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What others say about Eco Realtors Costa Rica.

I know Mr. Peter Van Hussen, owner of Eco-Realtor Costa Rica Company, for more than 5 years. During all that time, Peter has characterized himself, among other personal merits, for been a person who loves nature and for working actively in projects, programs, commissions and working groups related to nature preservation and to environmental conservation in general.
by Maria A. Boza
Vice Minister, Natural Resources
Peter was personally recommended to me by one of his peers – a successful real estate professional – and I quickly knew why. I realized that Peter’s ethics towards responsible stewardship of land was exactly what I was looking for in marketing my unusual property of virgin forest. He listened carefully and understood my desire to search for a buyer intending to preserve the forest in perpetuity, and he already had the connections to advertise to this type of client. I am very impressed by the weight Peter places in responsibility towards a sustainable environment as an integral part of his business.
by David Reuland
As a fellow Dutchmen in Costa Rica, I was happy to find Peter. With decades of experience in the Costa Rican real estate market and his European mind set, Peter was able to quickly find me the house and office I was looking for. Peter is well connected and can help you with anything related to sustainable / green living as well, which is a big plus. Highly recommended!
by Kasper Vendel

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