Vista del Valle Plantation Inn

Vista del Valle Plantation Inn
Property ID: PROP-875

Hotel Vista del Valle is in the heart of the Costa Rican Coffee region, located in the district of El Rosario de Naranjo. This small hotel is a beautiful retreat with unparalleled views and ambience. They can see 4 volcanoes from our place and from a nearby ridge we can even see Arenal Volcano. Travelers in search of the perfect destination, welcome to Vista del Valle Plantation Inn, it is your place to experience the beauty and culture of Costa Rica. Guests may explore acres of tropical botanical gardens, observe exotic birds, butterflies, enjoy our own private waterfall, or walk through the town of El Rosario where you will see real middle class life in Costa Rica.

We enjoy gentle breezes from the east, and listening to the Laughing Falcons that perch on a giant Kapok tree on the other side of the canyon. The hotel considers they have the best climate of the world and  had one of the first blue flag programs in the country (in 1992).   Their water supply comes from two sites and is so pure that all guests stay young and healthy.

The hotel Vista Del Valle has two leaves from the CST program. Their land is on 15 acres or 6 Ha of property, and the hotel is located only a short 20 minutes distance west, from the International Airport. You can still see our neighbor’s hand harvesting shade grown coffee. All employees are from the neighboring town of Rosario. The hotel has a Tourism contract. The hotel has their own horseback tour through the town and into a Coffee Plantation, taking in the views of the Central Valley, and the surrounding Mountains and Volcanoes.

The restaurant is perched on the cliff of the Rio Grande, overlooking a private nature preserve of 3500 acres where black panthers have been seen and also wild cats, toucans, white faced monkeys, anteaters, mantillas and many more animals. The restaurant serves an international fusion menu between Costa Rica and the US.

One third of the land has not been used so there is expansion possibility. There is also an additional lot on the side with 5000 m2 and should be bought by the investors.

They also try to have a small impact on our environment by recycling, and purchasing our produce from organic local growers. If you look carefully on Saturday mornings you can see our lettuce purveyor coming in with a giant cardboard box full of hydroponically grown lettuce! He lives here in El Rosario. Also, our meat, fish, chicken, and produce all come from local businesses out of the central market in Naranjo.

Infrastructure and services

  • 7 bungalows with total 10 rooms ( all rooms have a  kitchenette) and private deck.
  • Separate house of 500 mt2 and  with  three bedrooms.
  • Lots of room for expansion.
  • Laundry facility
  • Equestrian barn with loft apartment, and 6 stalls and 2 birth stalls
  • Gate house and a two bedroom staff house.
  • 1 restaurant and kitchen with maximum 85 seats
  • 3 bodegas and a work shop
  • Large Swimming pool
  • Deluxe Nature Villas
  • Pool & Jacuzzi
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Equestrian Center
  • Cliffside Restaurant
  • 300 ft. Waterfall
  • Nature Trails
  • Free Concierge
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Bird watching
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Private Tours
  • Nature Reserve of 3500 acres
  • Easy Airport Access

Property was apraised for  $3.100.000

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