Tierra Pacifica development, Playa Junquillal

Tierra Pacifica development, Playa Junquillal
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Located in the Northwest province of Guanacaste, and bordering beautiful Playa Junquillal (Hoon-Kial) on the Pacific Ocean, Tierra Pacifica sits at the heart of Costa Rica’s storied “Gold Coast.” Home to one of the richest biodiversity densities on the planet, the region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica offers vast swaths of national parks, forests, volcanoes, hiking trails, pristine beaches with warm water and an unparalleled population of flora and fauna. Nestled on a graduated plateau, this environmentally planned community encompasses 220 acres with several distinct natural boundaries, including the critical wetlands and the tidal estuary forming the mouth of the Rio Nandamojo, the foothills of the surrounding Vista Del Mar Mountain Range and the white and black sand beaches of Junquillal. The natural habitat consists of golden rolling hills during the summer (December through May) and lush tropical forest during the winter (June through November), offering residents two distinct seasons, each teaming with biological diversity so common in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The development lies at the intersection between productive farmlands and a biologically diverse and permanently protected mangrove estuary. Nearly 100 % of the Tierra Pacifica buyers said “community” was their number one reason for purchasing, both the sense of community with other Tierra Pacifica home/lot owners as well as with the surrounding local community and the local initiatives and activities that Tierra Pacifica supports. The property was specifically chosen due to its unique geographic attributes. The project is overlaid with a sustainable business philosophy that views ecological development as being key to the region’s economic future. The dream of a welcoming community in a tropical paradise that shares the joy of exploring a new life is being fulfilled at Tierra Pacifica.

Spearheaded and conceived by some of the leaders in Costa Rica environmental development, Tierra Pacifica is Costa Rica’s premier residential “green community” that employs the most innovative approaches to sustainable development consistent with the local climate. Tierra Pacifica was born out of a collaborative effort between experts in sustainable business and ecological design. The unique synergy of place, time and leadership provided a rare opportunity to develop an ocean view green community where our efforts are both supported and encouraged. Regenerating soils, habitat and biodiversity – Tierra Pacifica is the first Costa Rican real estate development with an integrated ecological landscaping plan and habitat restoration program supported by an onsite native plant nursery. These efforts represent a long term commitment to protect and improve soil quality, regenerate native flora, and increase the health and diversity of resident fauna.

The master plan for the project was designed in accordance with the local topography and ecology – working with nature rather than against it. At the core, this required us to forge a special relationship with three critical and interrelated resources: Water, Land and Food. “The infrastructure is underground and in place in this well-planned community within a beautiful surrounding area and beach.”

Tierra Pacifica offers home sites ranging between 1.25 and 3.0 acres which provides homeowners significant flexibility when orienting their residence to capture a particular view or layout. The homes are all designed in a Spanish Style to provide a consistent theme throughout the community. Building costs for custom homes on our Costa Rica properties start at approximately $95 per square foot.

Throughout Tierra Pacifica, buildings are crafted from exquisite natural materials and classic design techniques that draw extensively from Spanish architecture. The forests were largely cut down in the 20th century and much of the land, including Tierra Pacifica’s 220 acres, became cattle pastures with greatly depleted ecology. From the beginning they did almost everything right ecologically: capturing and perking rainwater, planting 1000’s of native trees, sighting lots to protect habitat between houses, and even now they are adding bird habitat ponds around the organic farm so the best of human/natural interaction is possible.” Each lot is serviced by underground utilities to retain the natural integrity and views of the surrounding land and sea. In addition, the deep well in combination with artesian wells in our home sites deliver some of the best water our residents have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Tierra Pacifica will match its commitment to be Costa Rica’s premier green community with anyone.

A community has formed around protecting and improving 80 acres of shared green zone and trails, supporting an organic vegetable and fruit farm on the land, and meeting at the pool or sharing recipes at the new supermarket that’s part of Tierra Pacifica Commercial Center. The roads are all in and well-maintained and all electrical and telecommunications infrastructure are installed, underground as befits a quality development.

Tierra Pacifica’s Key Sustainable Features

  • Roads were designed to slow, percolate, and control torrential rain waters using swales, check dams, percolation pits, native plantings, natural river rock water passageways, permeable stone retaining walls. This featurewill significantly reduce future maintenance on roads
  • 40% of the total property is a protected green zone reserve that can never be built upon
  • this is the ecologically richest part of the property, including all waterways, oldest growth trees, densest jungle, mangrove estuary, and migratory bird grasslands
  • Reforestation and Forest Management
  • They have planted over 1500 trees covering dozens of native species
  • They are staking and protecting thousands of natural and native growths as well
  • They maintain clean fence lines and interior paths for fire protection
  • Important Nandomojo Aquifer recharge zone. The majority of rainwater runoff falling on Tierra Pacifica property is captured by water control and natural percolation systems, Tierra Pacifica Lake, or Mi Tierra Organic Farm Lakes before it can escape the property
  • Club Arbol swimming pools and Jacuzzi use a natural saltwater filtration system
  • More ozone-friendly than chlorine
  • Also reduces future maintenance costs and eliminates the need for strong cleaning chemicals
  • Club Arbol  hot water for Jacuzzi and changing rooms are heated through solar panels
  • Mi Tierra Organic Farm grows quality fruits and vegetables as well as offers community coop farming and educational courses
  • CCR´s protect the ecological integrity of the project
  • HOA fees cover a full-time gardening crew to maintain all communal areas
  • includes all green zones,  perimeter property lines, waterways, roadside retaining walls and rainwater controls and  plantings
  • Architectural Review Committee must approve and advise all buildings, septic systems, driveways, retaining walls, tree removals, boundary setbacks, rain water runoff areas and any other ecologically related issues
  • Project landscaping is designed to blend with native flora and local, dry tropical forest zone; drought tolerant plantings; water efficient, drip irrigation systems are used wherever possible
  • They  support and practice “green” building
  • use primarily local building materials
  • design for natural cooling, illumination, and ventilation
  • fully organic septic systems
  • majority of woods utilized are reforested teak and Melina

Tierra Pacifica Playa Junquillal Featured Amenities

  • Arbol Clubhouse, complete with numerous outdoor and indoor lounging areas, a tiered swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis & basketball courts, spa, shower facilities and Jacuzzi.
  • Distinguishing Club Arbol from other social clubs is its education center, designed to host a variety of lectures and courses focusing specifically on natural history, environmental improvement and sustainable land use.
  • Fitness Center and includes yoga
  • bed and breakfast portion of our property
  • Tennis Court
  • Anyone visiting or living on our Costa Rica real estate might want to take in a match on our wind buffered tennis court before going for a swim.
  • Numerous shaded and open trails wind throughout Tierra Pacifica for approximately three miles utilizing the property’s prominent natural features and contours to act as guide.
  • Mi Tierra Organic Farm

Their Tierra onsite organic farm provides Tierra Pacifica residents with access to fresh organic produce all year round. Plots are also available for residents who prefer to roll up their sleeves and grow their own.

  • Plaza Tierra Pacifica Commercial Center

The recently completed Plaza Tierra Pacifica is the first commercial center between Nosara and Tamarindo, a stretch that covers over 60 kilometers (40 miles) and includes dozens of towns and beaches. Plaza Tierra Pacifica features the area’s largest supermarket, a doctor’s office, a veterinarian’s office, Amigo’s bar and restaurant, and the brand new Welcome Center. The commercial center is also home to Tierra Pacifica Vacations, our in-house adventure tour operator.

Tierra Pacifica sold 6 lots in 2011 and there are only 8 lots left of the original 75.  There are only 4 condos remaining. 

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