Sustainable development of 100 Ha, near Guapiles

Sustainable development  of 100 Ha, near Guapiles
Property ID: PROP-1846

Completely “off the grid” this incredible property and sustainable development has it’s own hydroelectric plant and pure spring water from many natural sources. Water is the gold of the future!
The pristine environment has allowed the animals to return to the property allowing owners and visitors to spot mid size cats, wild boar, sloth, spider monkeys along with the typical white face monkey and howler monkey, tapir, toucans, turtles, white bat,
tamandua, oropendula, parrots and macaws.
Owner’s Description:
Paraiso Del Bosque is 98.7 hectares subdivided into two separate lots.

93.7 hectares of Forest (60% old growth/40% secondary)
5 hectares of developed land

The property is located just out of, Guapiles, Costa Rica. The property backs up against a 3000 hectre government forest protected reserve. This particular area of land is owned by the government to protect key water sources for the Caribbean slope. All of the water that starts and flows from our property is fed from natural springs either from the land above us or on our property. The aquifers are at the base of Volcan Turriabla and are at almost no risk of future contamination since the government protects almost 3000 hectares of reserve around the aquifers. Presently we have located roughly 17+ natural springs on the property that feed 3 rivers. The property is under contract with a Fonafifo for the next 4 years and has been under contract for the last 10. Although Fonafifo normally offers contracts for carbon sequestering, our contract has additional clauses due to the particularly clean hydrology of the area to further help protect the water sources.

Because of this special contract with the state the animals have returned and it is an unprecedented piece of property for viewing nature in the raw. The pristine environment has allowed us to spot mid size cats, wild boar, sloth, spider monkeys along with the typical white face monkey and howler monkey, tapir, toucans, turtles, white bat, tamandua, oropendula, parrots and macaws.

The 5 hectare lot has been developed with all of the infrastructure needed for groups or families. The property is off the grid and powered with a 24volt hydroelectric system. The hydro system is fed by a very large (50mX75m) infinity lake with native bass, ducks, turtles, and other wildlife. The lake water is pristine and since there is constant aeration and new water entering the lake makes for a great swimming pool. All components of the hydroelectric system are upgradeable for a larger capacity. Currently we are capable of storing 3 days of energy (normal use) on our 24v battery system. Inline pure sine wave inverters allow the property to run 220v or 110v plugs. Since we have both battery backup and pure sine wave inverters we have a more stable and clean energy produced on the property than you can buy at ICE in town. All excess energy is dumped into a hot water tank that supplies our front caretaker house/showers. Free hot water and electricity!

It has a unique caretaker’s house located at the front gate with a solar dry house. This house offers garden roofs, earth plastered walls, bamboo ceilings and skylights. Connected to this drying structure is an earth plaster outdoor shower. Up toward the manmade lake is our Hummingbird lodge. It is a spacious building with a large covered patio that will accommodate large groups and family gatherings. The lodge has living quarters and a secured storage room. Attached to the forest side of the lodge is another outdoor shower. There is also a private bamboo cabina with a living roof for rental or visitors with car access. Two new cabina’s that will sleep 4 people each are currently in the process of being built.

All of our property was initially designed regarding permaculture design principles. Our goal was to blend nature with our human settlement while still making it functional. Along with our off the grid electric system we have installed compost toilets, mulch plants all over the property, special perennials for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies and special roads for extracting wood and bamboo when ready for harvest. We have over 300 fruiting cacao trees along with hundreds of banana, yucca, pineapple, lemongrass and other fruiting trees. We have started a section of bamboo with a variety of specialty bamboos growing in our orchards (construction and furniture). Some of those species include giant Asian timber bamboo, multicolored structural bamboo and some very special rare black species. This is blended into about 2 hectares of the property and was initially designed and then planted for easy extraction and wind barrier. Most of the bamboos are only 1 year from beginning harvest! Once production begins they will produce for decades after. Along with the bamboo we have amazing hardwoods like Pilan, Chancho Blanco, and Gavilan in abundance. Some fallen hardwoods have up to 5 feet in diameter! All of our plants and orchards have been planted and maintained using only organic methods. No pesticides, herbicides or any chemicals of any kind have been allowed to be used or brought onto the property since 2004. Before that the land was unused for almost 15 years.

The closest neighbor is roughly 2km away and it is very peaceful and cool. We are the last farm located at the end of the road backed up against the mountain range that runs off of the Braulio Carrillo which is a 3000 hectre government forest protected reserve. The altitude is roughly 650 meters above sea level and about 15+ degrees cooler than Guapiles. The property being surrounded by forest and rivers allows for exploration and hiking adventures as well as an amazing biological study environment. The subsoil’s are rock and sand and are a perfect road base in the event more roads and infrastructure are needed.
Property Features
• BBQ Area
• Bath Tub
• Ceramic Tile Floors
• Exotic Woodwork
• Gated Entry
• Patio Deck
• Rancho Area Features
• Bank
• Fishing
• Gas Service Station
• Hardware Store
• Historic Site
• Hospital
• Internet Cafe
• Night Life
• Pool
• Public School
• Public Transportation
• Quick Store Market
• Restaurant
• Shopping
Development Features
• BBQ Area
• Exotic wood trees
• Fenced
• Forest
• Forest Reserve
• Fruit Orchard
• Fruit trees
• Natural Spring
• Private road
• Rancho
• River
• Stream
• Trees for timber
• Waterfall


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