Real green house in sustainable Atenas development

Real green house in sustainable Atenas development
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  • Buying and living in our ECO FRIENDLY home will make your Life easier: Let us count some of the ways! Taking the house first but in no particular order:
  • Electrical Costs are Lower to nearly NONE with our PV Solar Panels;
  • Aquifer Water and Hot water are FREE!
  • Cooler FRESH AIR with No air-conditioning thanks to heat reflecting windows, thermal Insulation in roof and walls, Flow-Through VENTILATION DESIGN, Clean Air inside and outside the house;
  • Floors and counter tops are Tiled or Granite for easy care, low maintenance—-and they Look Good!
  • Grey water Double Flush Toilets;
  • Roof and Interior walls painted with top quality ELASTOMERIC no emission paint for low maintenance in the Tropics.

San Mateo is on the previous main road to the beaches of Jaco, Herradura, and Hermosa. It is just 53 kilometers (about 30 miles) from the capital of San José, 31 kilometers (about 20 miles) from the busy commercial and tourist port of Caldera, and only a few minutes from Orotina the fruit capital of Costa Rica. It is even more accessible to these places now that the new Route 27 toll road has opened. There are plans to build a new International Airport near Orotina making this region even more accessible; a perfect location! San Mateo has a very pleasant climate ranging from 26 to 27 degrees Celsius and does not experience the extremely heavy rainfalls like some other parts of the country. Its central plaza and park in front of  its quaint church, is charming and peaceful and popular with the locals of all ages. It carries the laid back atmosphere of the little Latin American villages of 30 years ago.

San Mateo used to be known for its fine wood, sadly this is almost completely gone because of previous eras of unrestricted deforestation, but quality craftsmen still ply their trade. The canton now produces sugar cane, rice, and corn however, it is better known for its fine quality fruit and the many stands along the roadside display this bounty to passing motorists, many of whom stop to buy fresh from the tree delicacies!

Place this house (and QUARTER ACRE LOT) in an Environmentally PERMACULTURE Designed community, and you add:

  • All Interior roads paved with Recycled PLASTIC GRIDS;
  • All utilities underground, including Blackwater collection sent to a massive BIODIGESTER;
  • All Lots supplied with Grey Water for toilets and Lot Irrigation;
  • PERMACULTURE Designed COMMUNITY GARDENS and PONDS whose Produce is included in the Very LOW MAINTENANCE FEE;
  • Palm-thatched COMMUNITY MEETING PLACE with nearby similar Teak Floored YOGA PLATFORM and dance area;
  • Split Salt INFINITY  Lap Pool;
  • Nearby Private SCHOOL for member’s children.

About the House

For over 30 years we have dreamed of what features our house would contain. Here we will list many of those features and you can compare them to a list you may have. If it’s a good match, then you can be aware that that house already exists!

please see also our video at;

Also we include hereby the 360 degrees video of the house

Starting from the ground up.

  • Built halfway down a slope to enhance drainage (the Key point, in Permaculture);
  • Floating subfloor of reinforced concrete over interlocking plastic ‘stools’ means the house will never be flooded and acts as a Radon gas barrier from the soil;
  • All walls use the Canadian Nudura System of reinforced concrete (4”thick) sandwiched in between 2” thick slabs of insect resistant, sound and heat proofing, and fire resistant Styrofoam which is integrated, and eliminated the use and waste of wood formwork;
  • Completely metal roof superstructure which supports an enameled metal Standing Seam roof (ideal for the tropics!);
  • Interior space design emphasizes natural light and free-flow air, for a light and breezy experience;
  • 18 installed Photovoltaic Solar Panels produce more electricity than we can use, and builds our credit with the Utility Service, with whom we have a unique 15 year contract;
  • Installed Solar Hot Water heater with 150 liter reserve tank for no cost hot water;
  • Only house in the condo which is oriented to maximize solar exposure to the PV panels;
  • The roof angle maximizes the solar effect for the panels and the heater;
  • First house with 750 liter reserve potable water tank located uphill from the house to provide water by gravity in case of well pump maintenance or general electrical outage;
  • Potable and separate grey water supplies and systems for toilet flushing and garden watering;
  • Blackwater is collected separately and sent by underground sewer pipe to the condo Bio-digester; no septic tank or leach field problems!;
  • The only condo supplied with Optical Fiber for high speed Internet and HDTV services (up to 10 MGB’s available, as well as 4G smartphone service);
  • All wiring to Code and Grounded, not common in older Costa Rican buildings!;
  • Spacious Kitchen with durable good-looking Granite counter tops. All stainless steel appliances, attached pantry;
  • Tiled floors throughout for durability and easy cleaning;
  • Outside attached Utility room for washer, dryer, spare refrigerator etc.;
  • Spacious, light and airy Open Plan Living Room;
  • No trees near the house to shade the panels and/or drop leaves on the roof;
  • Driveway to carport gently graded and surfaced with recycled plastic grid to control the flow of water off the Lot;
  • This house far exceeds the specifications of the Condo Architectural Codes;
  • House is only 2 years old with no problems!
  • A minimum of wood has been used throughout to avoid some of the realities of building in the Tropics e.g, termites!

Characteristics of House and Lot size.

  • Area of house—  about 140m2 (455ft2);
  • Area of Lot —–  about 1,100m2 (3575ft2=1/4 acre);
  • Electricity ——- 120/240 VAC, 60 cps;
  • Number of PV panels 18X200Kw=16Kw/day=3600Kwh/month (25 year warranty);
  • Water ——potable( from aquifer) +750 liters reserve tank, grey (for irrigation and toilets);
  • Solar water heater with 150 liter reserve tank built in (10 year warranty);
  • All floor areas tiled, on same level, no steps;
  • All doors extra wide (1 meter);
  • A minimum of wood used to avoid termite problems;
  • 2 large bathrooms (one with bath, both with showers etc.);
  • Built-in ventilated closets in both bedrooms;
  • All kitchen and bathroom counters surfaced with granite tops;
  • Upper-level ventilation with fans in all rooms;
  • Flow through fresh air ventilation design, no air conditioning necessary;
  • German-made RAM steel doors with 12 point locking system front and rear;
  • All doors and windows screened, screen doors on front and rear, (virtually insect-proof!);
  • All walls and roof painted with premium elastomeric paint;
  • All sun-facing windows with installed with Infra-Red rejecting film (10 year warranty);
  • House built using NUDURA SYSTEM (LEED certified) for all walls;
  • Lot slopes towards South-East with many fruit trees;
  • Permaculture Double-dug Raised Bed for vegetables and herbs behind the house;
  • House and Lot emphasize Low Maintenance design and features;

Locate all this in PEACEFUL, GREEN COSTA RICA constantly ranked by International Living as one of the Happiest Country’s in the World; no Army since 1948; top Ecotourism Destination in the World; more Bird Species than all of the USA and CANADA combined!

But Seeing Is Believing so, come on by and BUY!

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