Ocean Mountain Village, Southern Pacific

Ocean Mountain Village,  Southern Pacific
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Ocean Mountain Village

The Ocean Mountain Village is located in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. The community is located in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone along the pristine Pacific Coast, where the mountains meet the ocean. It is about 20 minutes from Palmar Norte and 40 minutes from Dominical and overlooks the Pacific Ocean at a temperate 2,000 feet elevation level. The area boasts magnificent ocean sunset views, ideal climate, an abundance of wildlife and a wealth of adventure activities.

The Ocean Mountain Village utilize the principles of perma culture and sustainable living in all of their decisions regarding construction of our villas, our custom homes, all common areas and infrastructure.

What attracted the people of Ocean Mountain Village is that we were looking for an alternative, healthier way of living, with a community of like-minded individuals who saw the benefits of doing things in a new way.  Also very important to us was access to year-round fresh water and organic food.

This 750+ acre development is using less than 3% of the land for development of villas, infrastructure and food production. The other 97% is being used as a nature preserve and jungle playground. Osa Mountain Village has a goal of producing 80% of the food consumed by its guests and residents. Thousands of fruit trees have already been planted and the future will bring vegetables, herbs, chicken and tilapia. Freshly-caught seafood will also be available to guests and residents at a significant discount.

The development is been created using sustainable principles that will allow our community members to live abundantly and with modern conveniences without leaving a negative impact on the surroundings. Only former pasture land has been used for the construction footprint and the majority of our 750 acres of primary forest will remain undeveloped so that our residents will always have the jungle experience in their backyard.

The development will grow into 150 1, 2 & 3 bedroom villas, restaurant, community center, a large grass field for games, ranchos, barbecue areas, gym and other amenities. An 11-line, 15-platform canopy tour, hiking trails, canyoning adventure (rappelling through waterfalls) and Tarzan Swing are already open.

Green houses that use vertical growing systems allow us to grow medicinal plants and herbs that are more fragile and can be damaged by heavy rainfall. With more than 1,000 growing sites in a 2,000 square foot green house one can grow the equivalent amount that 2.5 acres of fertile farm land would grow using conventional methods. The hydroponic, vertical-growing system will provide healthy, organic produce; everything from leafy greens to herbs medicinal plants. A beneficial fungus is used as a natural insecticide, further eliminating harmful chemicals that are commonly used in commercial food production.

Their goal is to conserve energy and use sustainable/renewable energy resources to reduce our dependency on the public power system. The primary focus will be in the resort community common areas. Many individual homes also may employ solar electrical or solar thermal solutions.

All of the villas and community buildings at Osa Mountain Village Resort use the latest in sustainable building concepts for a tropical zone. Large overhangs to reduce direct sunlight, natural shade and modern insulation and materials will reduce interior temperature swings and save energy. And with abundant water sources located on the property we may use micro hydro plants for electrical generation to meet a portion of our community power requirements in the future. This method uses the existing water and gravity to push water through a small turbine to produce electricity.

They have planted thousands of different trees such as avocados, almonds, and 60 varieties of tropical fruits including mangos, papayas, and 5 kinds of oranges. To promote tree growth, swales were created to conserve the plentiful rainfall during the wet season for use during the dry season. The swales were built along the contour of hillsides by digging up compacted soil, aerating it and then using the soil to create down slope berms that act as sponges. Instead of the water flowing along the contour of the hill it now percolates into the soil forming underground reservoirs of water. Many of the fruit trees were planted on top of the swales and no irrigation is necessary.

Our other sustainable food sources include fish farming and animal husbandry. These enhance the overall ecosystem with their by-products and secondary benefits such as insect and weed control.

The villas range from 800-1,600 square feet and include eco-friendly construction, granite or bamboo countertops and patio areas.  Each villa has all the amenities you will need for relaxation and entertainment. A full kitchen with everything necessary to prepare your own gourmet meals or simply enjoy a cold drink from the fully stocked mini bar. With a choice of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom with loft or 3 bedroom villas, guests can enjoy a comfortable stay while relaxing after a day of unique adventures!

Home sites are from $95.000

Villas from  $144.000

Fractional units are also available for a 4-week share. Fractional units come fully furnished with everything needed to start renting or enjoying immediately.Fractional from $23.000 .

Buyers not planning on living in their villa can put their investment to work placing it in the rental pool and earn a nice income while keeping it as a safe place to go to should things get really bad. Many buyers have been using their 401K’s and IRA accounts to purchase at the resort community without penalty by transferring their accounts to companies offering self directed retirement plans.

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