EcoVilla Costa Rica Lots

EcoVilla Costa Rica Lots
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La EcoVilla is located by the AYA potabilizing plant, in San Mateo, Alajuela, 10 minutes away from downtown Orotina, less than one hour from San José via the new San José – Caldera highway and 35 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean beaches. The Machuca River runs along one of the properties sides. It is an ideal location where you can live in the midst of nature while simultaneously having access to city facilities such as hospitals (Cima, Biblica Catolica), malls (Multiplaza, Avenida Escazu, Momentum) and airports just within a 45 minutes radius.

La Eco Villa is a NEW ALTERNATIVE that is designed and planned with the principles of PERMACULTURE. That generates energy and food resources in a SUSTAINABLE MANNER. La EcoVilla is a pollution free environment where exotic fruit trees thrive among ponds full of fish, clams and other species. It is surrounded by a crystal clean river with swimming holes. From the different vantage points throughout the premises, incredible views and organic vegetable gardens can be seen. It is open to people from all over the world who want to live in harmony with nature and fellow human beings. It offers a unique alternative combining community life, sustainability, education and a healthy life style.

There will be a school where children can learn and play in close contact with nature.

La EcoVilla operates as a condominium, with 41 lots distributed over more than 17 hectares (45+ acres), there is a great deal of space for communal and private areas. The size of the lots range between 1100 m2 and 3200 m2 (12.000 to 33000 square feet). As it turns out, the EcoVilla has so far appealed to a highly diverse, eclectic and international clientele. Out of a total of 14 lots sold There is preferred financing available as our project is registered as being of Ecological Interest .

Presently, the first three houses are under construction, while five more have begun the permitting process. The EcoVilla’s common areas are devoted to roads, gardens, a nursery, ponds and forested green areas along the length of the river. They especially proud of the fact that the EcoVilla is one of the few developments outside the Central Valley wired with fiber-optics for reliable access to high-speed Internet and other telecommunications services.

Permaculture is a creative design addressing this need in light of loss and scarcity of natural resources. It is a unique fusion of traditional scientific knowledge aspiring towards establishing a culture which promotes sustainable living throughout the planet.

The EcoVilla, like many other sustainable communities, is dedicated to the ideal of producing as much of its food as possible. The property is liberally planted with over 160 varieties of fruit trees, many of which are already producing, while a nursery provides a wide variety of both common and unusual spices and herbs. The property is also dotted by fish ponds in which Tilapia is being raised. Finally, the project will plan to plant vegetable gardens in the common areas lining the internal roads of the development.

The EcoVilla has two sources of water: It uses well water for drinking and surface water collected from nearby creeks for other uses. Individual homeowners can collect rainwater and put this to use as well.

Sewage and gray water (from sinks, baths and washing machines) are collected and piped to a bio digestor, which treats the water while producing methane gas. Once the wastewater passes through the treatment plant it is used for irrigation. The community has not yet decided how to use gas produced by

The bio digestor, but is considering the options of generating electricity, powering vehicles to be used on the development, or heating water.

The EcoVilla’s creators, when facing the issue of regulating the construction of houses, chose to give optimum discretion to the homeowner, using the criteria of energy use as the only limiting factor. This, was because lot owners and their architects proposed such a wide variety of sustainable building materials and designs, each with valid arguments supporting their cause, that it was too difficult to decide which to adopt.

Unlike many existing real estate developments where the environment is used as a selling point, but precious little is done to actually protect it, the EcoVilla is attempting to take solid steps to ensure environmental sustainability at almost every turn.

The lots, which range in size from 3200sqft (300M2) to 10,000sqft (930M2) and range in price from US$45,000 to US$110,000. Consider that the land taxes will be very low ($250 to $500 annually) as well as your utility bills, and food bills will be almost non-existent.HOA will be kept as low as possible.


Address: Orotina


Lot Type: Rectangular

Lots Size: __300 to 930__M2/___3200 to 10,000______F2

Year Built:_______


HOA fees: not yet determined


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