A.W.E (Abundance, Wellness and Enlightment) Community centers

A.W.E (Abundance, Wellness and Enlightment) Community centers
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“In Abundance there is no poverty – In Wellness, there is no disease. In Enlightenment, there is no ignorance”

– Mark Stephen Chasan

Who are we

A.W.E communities are being developed, designed and co-created by a dream team of highly competent and relevant new world paradigm shifting leaders and experts and professionals.

About The Communities

AWE Communities are regenerative communities designed and developed as a demonstration and educational blueprint of conscious living to positively transform our environment, beliefs, behaviors and culture to create a world of Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.

Our communities – the places we live, work, commune with family and friends, and spend the majority of our lives – have the most direct and powerful influence on our beliefs, culture and behavior. Creating communities that make it easy, cost effective and rewarding to be socially and environmentally conscious, respectful and collaborative, will transform our the societal belief systems, behaviors and culture that arise from our environment will transform.Utilizing a hybrid model that combines profitable real estate development and new paradigm economic development (e.g., agritech, cleantech, information technologies, regenerative wellness, experiential retail and education) with intentional eco-community cooperatives, AWE Communities will focus on providing its community members with a higher standard of abundant, well and enlightened living for significantly less money, time and effort than is required in current society.

Each community will span between an average of 500 to 1,000 acres and, fully populated, will house a target population averaging between 500 to 1,000 community members plus a population of 1,000 to 2,000 residential owners, including their families. The community will be designed to preserve a significant portion of the land for sustainable farming, recreation and conservation. In order to create a profitable development strategy, AWE Communities will target a 2:1 ratio of homeowner residents to community residents.

AWE Communities will provide its members with (i) sustainable housing, (ii) fresh nutritious organic foods and phyto-medicines, (iii) renewable energy, (iv) new paradigm economic opportunities, (v) whole-person wellness center and healthcare, (vi) applied and interactive education, (vii) conscious childcare, (viii) clean transportation, (ix) technology, science and innovation centers, (x) creative centers for art, music and media, (xi) and entrepreneurial centers to help community members start their own businesses – all for significantly less money, time and effort than is the norm in our current socio-politico-economic structure.

By combining profitable real estate development with socially, environmentally and economically thriving community businesses and lifestyle, this hybrid model will drive real estate value, demand and sales. Additionally, AWE Communities can provide residents and investors with diversified income streams from community businesses including science, technology, information, media, communications, resort and hospitality programs, wellness centers, education and personal-development programs.

“AWE Centers are transformational whole-person wellness and advancement centers devoted to creating AWE in the lives of its members and guests through a combination of immersive experiences empowering body, mind, spirit and manifestation that are permanently transforming and “AWE inspiring.”  The primary proprietary program created by AWE Centers to accomplish the epiphanal and transformative experiences unique to AWE is the M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. program.

M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. includes Meditation – Exercise and Breathing – Diet and Nutrition – Internal Cleansing and Detoxification – Conscious Monitoring and Optimizing States of Being – Integrated Whole Systems Medicine and Intuitive Healing –– Natural Connection and Environmental Wellness – Energetic Flow and DNA Activation.

Due to AWE Centers’ innovative environments, classes and programs, it is anticipated that AWE Centers will be a central driver of culture, education, wellness and community, as well as demand for real estate sales and resort services

Need for Change

Everything that humankind has created started with imagination, vision and belief and was brought into manifestation through design and action.

We believe that we humans have the capacity for great beauty, love and kindness. We believe that we can create a more abundant, well & enlightened world. We believe in a world that is loving, kind, life-affirming, equitable and regenerative.

We have arrived at a point in our evolution where the technologies of extraction, industrialization and mass consumerism have created a world for machines, not humans. The world that humankind has created has become a toxic – the air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is contaminated, the food we eat contains harsh and poisonous chemicals and our homes and offices are often harmful to our health.

We have become disconnected from each other and the planet. Our idea of a “community” has become a collection of unsustainable “McMansions” behind locked gates where neighbours rarely connect with each other. Our healthcare and educational systems are broken, and our energy policy supports pollution, war and terrorism.

Our hoarding, waste and greed have led to the destruction of fragile ecosystems and climate change that may endanger humankind and the planet’s flora and fauna. As well, our economy is collapsing under runaway greed and corruption and 80-% the world’s population lives in or near poverty. According to WWF, in the 1970s, Earth’s human population began consuming renewable resources faster than Earth’s ecosystems can regenerate. In 2007, this situation, called “ecological overshoot” required 1.5 planets for the Earth to regenerate the renewable resources that people consumed.

The expanding awareness of the global environment, resource and economic crises has lead to a growing demand for sustainable, self-sufficient, smart growth communities and whole systems practices and “Collaborative Consumption.” Collaborative Consumption describes the rapid explosion in traditional sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping reinvented through network technologies on a scale and in ways never possible before. AWE Communities addresses the growing need and demand for conscious, connected and sustainable living by providing a new model of living and working that addresses the issues of carrying capacity, pollution and dependence upon a grid-based extractive economic models.

AWE Communities are designed to be self-sufficient, regenerative, energy efficient, carbon neutral, and balance the community’s population with its internal carrying capacity. This is accomplished by an integrated and holistic planning and design approach that makes it easy and rewarding to be sustainable, inclusive, conscious, connected, collaborative, generous, respectful and loving.

By sharing resources (e.g., facilities, community farm, community kitchen, cars, tools and equipment) owned by the community and employing meritocratic cooperative ownership of community businesses, AWE Communities reduces the time, expense and environmental impact related to the ownership, packaging, shipping, maintenance and storage of “stuff” while increasing economic abundance, passive revenues, free time, quality of life and access to a wide variety of amenities.

AWE is confident that its communities will become demonstration models for abundant, well and enlightened living that inspires conscious community design, development and planning in both urban and rural settings.

Locations, Characteristics and Requirements

AWE Communities is targeting land that lends itself to sustainability and self-sufficiency with a secure supply of water, agriculture and natural resources. As well, AWE Communities is looking to acquire sites with unique and special features such as health & longevity, surf breaks, hot springs and bio-diverse eco-tourism and other various physical and metaphysical attributes. Moreover, AWE is targeting land

In countries whose regulatory environment and leaders are in alignment with mixed-use, regenerative community development and have expedited processes for developing and building our communities.

The collaborative and self-sufficient culture of AWE Communities is highly appealing to conscious Gen Y’ers, young families, retiring expatriates, and active seniors seeking awakened self-sufficient regenerative (beyond sustainable) community lifestyles that integrate beautiful surroundings, wellness programs for optimal health and, longevity, and personal development to expand individual and community abundance, wellness & enlightenment.

Target locations will include (i) abundant pure water supply, (ii) nutrient rich soil, (iii) long growing season, (iv) environment conducive to farming and sustainable energy use, (v) easy access to transportation infrastructure, (vi) within 150 miles of a metropolitan area and/or airport access, and (vii) a supportive government and surrounding community. In addition to the foregoing, AWE Communities will target properties that have unique recreational, health, cultural and/or ecological attributes such as hot springs, surf breaks, mountain sports, water sports, blue zone longevity, and/or proximal bio-diverse rainforest or coral reefs.

The first AWE Community project is targeted for Latin America to significantly reduce the time, expense and regulatory hurdles of development and construction. There are 27 million Americans seeking to move or buy offshore with 17.2%, or 4.64 million Americans seeking to move to Central or South America.

AWE Communities is developing its first community for only 1,608 residents (510 community leaseholds, 1098 owned households), To be financially successful, A.W.E Communities only needs to attract a very small percentage of the American population – .006% of the American population seeking to move offshore or .035% of the American population seeking specifically to move to Central or South America. Although AWE is confident that it will be able to easily fill it community with U.S. citizens, AWE will additionally market in Latin America, Canada and will use highly strategic direct marketing in Europe and Asia.

AWE Communities is targeting Central America for its flagship development,

  • for Inexpensive land, labour and materials
  • Reduced regulatory and bureaucratic hurdles
  • Reduced time to obtain entitlements and complete development and construction.
  • Reduced time for investor payback and increase in IRR
  • Greater latitude in health and wellness protocols
  • AWE is seeking land with unique value propositions such as beachfront, ocean view, surf breaks, hot springs, longevity environment and/or exceptional beauty.
  • Access to abundant natural resources, beautiful beaches and rain forests

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