20 Hectares of jungle, some area with Ocean View, Costanera near Herradura

20 Hectares of  jungle, some area with Ocean View,    Costanera near Herradura
Property ID: PROP-1815
Plot Size: 20 Ha m²

20 hectares (49 Acres) $ 400,000 ($2/m2)

Description & Location

20 Hectares (exactly 198 000 m2) of rolling undeveloped forest with several good building sites. The farm is in the form of a square, fruit trees throughout the valley and on the west slope.
Location is on the down slope of the Coastanera after Villa Caletas. Have your own private jungle with development possibilities.

The plus of the property

– The property has an ocean view of part of the Los Suenos Marina bay. Power is close by.
– 200 + hundred meters of Coastanera frontage
– Natural Spring and lots of green (secondary forest) on property.
– No building restrictions, minimum mature trees per year per hectare only to prevent serious erosion

Possible development on the property

• West side is a ridge running south to north. North side is the highest point along this side. This ridge with peek-a-boo ocean views .
• Northwest to Northeast side continues to climb up to about midway, then drops to the valley below and again climbs up to the north eastern corner of the square.
• Eastern most property line is the highway. Northeast to southeast is a curving line running north to south. Here are many options for development. There is immediately off the highway a hill up 15 meters high by around 50 meters deep, then it slopes to the valley floor below. This area could be set up to put lightweight condos on the western side of the ridge line. Letting the hillock to be a natural noise buffer.
• Middle part has about 3 ha of flat area for development.

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